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A well-planned digital marketing strategy will help your business not only stay competitive but even thrive in the "post pandemic "new Normal" economy.

Are you certain that your Digital Marketing Strategy is delivering to its fullest potential in the post pandemic new normal digital environment?

Perhaps you feel that a second opinion and some fresh thinking might provide the reassurance you’re looking for? We work as a trusted partner to brands locally and nationally, helping to create, develop and deliver successful (and sustainable) digital marketing strategy.

We only work with businesses where we know we can make a difference.

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Post Pandemic, Digital Marketing Strategy has gone from a should have to an absolute must have.

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Crafting digital marketing strategies for all types of businesses.

Benefits of social media marketing

For businesses that are hard-pressed with cash flow concerns during these times, one of the main benefits of using social media platforms for your business is that it’s free. There are a variety of platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more – and using them for your business is free of charge!

Another benefit is the fact that you can get detailed reports and analyse your audience better. Armed with this information and useful statistics, you can be better positioned to offer your customers content that they will find most beneficial. Remember that in social media content (and video) is king!

A third element of social media marketing is that you can improve your visibility and thereby stimulate improved brand awareness. Remember that these days, many people follow brands for ethical, financial and other reasons and they’ll want to identify with your brand before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, by using social media, your visibility online can be strengthened and you can improve your reach and hence, your sales.

And last, but not least, is the fact that you can stay in touch with your clientele. Address negative comments as soon as they appear on your page and show your customers you are there for them in these difficult times. This can mean not only addressing negative reviews, but offering something special to them during the times of the pandemic.This move will increase customer loyalty, keep you in good stead with your customers and ultimately help you with your sales.

Businesses of all sizes need to have a social strategy – not only does it allow you to clearly outline your plans for social media in one succinct document, but it will help you optimise your social activity to reach customers.

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social media marketing
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Content Marketing

Content Marketing a brief introduction

Content marketing involves the creation of relevant, valuable content to a target audience, getting the target audience’s attention, and making them your customers.

Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that uses engaging words,pictures and videos. Great content will attract new customers, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty.

When creative content is of real value to a clearly defined target audience, customers take actions that will lead to the growth of your business. Content marketing and traditional product marketing are not equal. In content marketing, your brand makes your product stand out, and your business provides your prospective target audience with something unique.

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Content Marketing Strategy

On-line Paid Marketing Campaigns

Canadian paid social media marketing Ad Management in Calgary Alberta

Paid social is an intensely competitive, yet essential place to be. Through social media advertising, your business can reach almost any potential customer.

Social media advertising allows you to segment your audience down to the microscopic level and promote your products or services to the people who want to hear from you. Take a strategic approach using tracking pixels, layered audiences and standout creative. Combining human creativity with algorithmic targeting and data-driven optimization, Impression can help you reach optimal conversion and return on your investment.

Successful PPC management requires a robust understanding of ad strategies and budget planning. Our PPC team is highly experienced in producing and executing profitable paid marketing strategies. Using data-driven insights alongside technology and creativity, we will build performant campaigns that make a real difference to your bottom line.

Who benefits from social media advertising?

Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses looking to reach targeted audiences online. Through the amount of data they hold about their users, social networks enable advertisers to target ads at very specific groups, locations and people. For this reason, social media advertising has the potential to help any kind of business. The different social networks appeal to different major audience segments and by creating a savvy social advertising strategy, your business could tap into a world of new opportunities.

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PPC management

From prospecting, to audience expansion and re-marketing, there are so many opportunities for your business to reach its audience through paid social. To find out what the scope of the opportunity could be for you, or to discuss your existing social media advertising campaigns and how we can improve them, get in touch today and find out how our specialized social media advertising team can help you make the most of social ads.

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Video Production and Marketing

Video Marketing campaigns

Video is also a great tool,an unparalleled opportunity to engage your target audience. We see with our clients consistently that their video content performs the highest in terms of engagement, and that potential clients would prefer to watch a short video than read a page of information.

We can help you with everything from content strategy to the execution of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and CPM video campaigns. As always, our optimization process ensures data that can be used to generate insights about your views and the engagement with your brand.Standing out from the crowd is tricky so let our design pros worry about it. They are whizzes in problem solving through visuals and communicating through art. We’ll help to shape and transform your brand’s ideas into memorable illustrations, ready to capture your audience’s imagination.

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Video Production
Digital Marketing Strategy should integrate all aspects of your business and its on-line growth plans, ensuring the right decisions are made and the right channels used to meet your objectives.

SOcial MEdia Marketing and Strategy

The questions that drive all our marketing efforts are: “Where can we get the most attention that reflects positively on your brand?

And once attention is gained, how do we convert your audience to customers?”.

Seen from that perspective, social media and content marketing are both excellent venues in order to gain that initial attention which can later be harnessed with conversion activities.

For social media much of the same holds true. But because of the nature of social media, it is at the intersection of sales, marketing and customer service, and so elements of all three areas need to be present in a Social Media Strategy.

2Create360 helps you connect with your audience in an authentic and attention-grabbing way while ensuring your audience gets what they have come to expect in the new social era of Talk to a Strategist

Instagram, Youtube, Facebook Marketing Strategy
Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising for Small business in Calgary CanadaFacebook offers highly targeted advertising solutions to help you connect with over 2 billion monthly active users. Convert awareness into action with Facebook Ad campaigns designed for every stage of the sales funnel.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada Instagram is a highly visual, engaging advertising solution for your business. Drive ROI by combining Facebook’s extensive ad system with Instagram market-leading native placements.

YouTube Advertising

Youtube advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn ads enable you to connect with members in a context that blurs work and leisure. Suitable for B2B (and certain B2C) objectives, learn how to target decision-makers with unparalleled business-related targeting.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn ads enable you to connect with members in a context that blurs work and leisure. Suitable for B2B (and certain B2C) objectives, learn how to target decision-makers with unparalleled business-related targeting.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada Stand out among a fast-moving feed of data. Twitter can be used to generate engagement and action, and with over 330 million monthly active users, we can help you target exactly the right people with exactly the right messaging.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada Get your business seen where everyone is watching. YouTube has over 1 billion users across the globe and it offers unique ways to harness video ads to generate brand awareness, consideration or conversion.

WhatsApp Advertising

Whatsapp advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada Get ready for the instant messaging revolution - it’s finally happening in 2020. Watch this space or get in contact now to be the first to benefit from Facebook’s Ads new WhatsApp advertising placements.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada If you want to reach younger social media users, Snapchat ads are a great tool. Our specialists can help you work out how to maximise Snapchat’s advertising potential.

TikTok Advertising

TikTok advertising for Small business in Calgary Canada TikTok is huge with younger audiences. The platform has some limitations, but if you have the budget, and the creative vision, we’d love to help your business break into TikTok advertising.

Marketing Strategy for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other Social Media

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to acquiring new customers and an essential component of a marketing strategy for any kind of business.

With good content, and a proper list, email marketing can be used to successfully increase sales, growth, and build positive customer relationships, especially in the post-pandemic new normal economy.

Email will allow you to better communicate with your customers, inform them about the launch of new products, attract them with customized offers, and much more. All this is done by creating an email campaign and sending out a carefully crafted email newsletter to your potential and existing customers and clients.

Grow your brand by reaching people where they go every day: their in-box.

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Email marketing Campaigns using Mailchimp
Sustainaible Digital Marketing Strategy

Get your digital strategy right and the rewards will follow!

Search Engine: Optimization & Marketing

SEO / SEM is extremely important, and is the least intrusive or pushy way to do marketing in hard times. Especially on the heels of a unique disaster such as the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s still plenty of time to optimize your company’s SEO in preparation for a full re-opening of the economy. Your business needs to be ready for an influx of clients. Working with the right digital marketing agency such as 2Create360 will allow your company to not only optimize your SEO rankings, but beef up your website’s impact at the same time.

For more information on how 2Create360 can help you optimize your SEO rankings and prepare you for a post-Coronavirus recovery phase, please click below.


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Search Engine Marketing
Google Adwords and Bing Marketing

2Create360 is your unfair advantage.
The digital marketing world is complex and fast moving. Knowledge and insight is frequently the difference between success and failure

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It is difficult for businesses to look beyond confronting the immediate effects of COVID-19. While Business owners continue to focus on supporting each other today, we must also start looking over the horizon to the post-COVID-19 world to start planning how our country and economy can emerge stronger. Recovery starts with resiliency. We belive that Supporting business through the COVID-19 pandemic is helping to ensure they will be able propel our economic recovery. As such 2Create360 decided to launch 2create360 Digital Marketing subsidiary in May of 2020 under the guidance of Don Hicks and Ron Singh.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Restaurauts

Post Pandemic Restaurants: survive and thrive!

In the early days and weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurant operators were forced to close their dining rooms or even shut down their businesses entirely to prevent the spread of the corona virus. For many restaurateurs, this also meant significantly scaling back any marketing campaigns.

Now, months into the pandemic, restaurants are slowly beginning to reopen their doors to the public. For some, this means reopening their dining rooms and patios, while others have opted to open back up for just takeout and delivery. No matter what approach restaurants choose to take, one of the biggest hurdles is marketing to diners who have spent the past few months isolated at home.

With customers still wary of venturing out, restaurants can no longer rely on foot traffic to keep their businesses top of mind. Instead, restaurateurs need to market their businesses to customers where they are right now: on-line.The new reality for restaurateurs is that going digital and using the latest technology is no longer a unique differentiator. It’s the price of entry.

We can help your brand stand apart on-line by improving your web footprint, implementing on-line ordering systems that focus on the customer experience and creating social media content that will go viral. Email marketing, paid-click campaigns and mobile apps are all in our wheelhouse.

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Alberta Restaurants Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Restaurauts

Accounting Firms Post Pandemic Growth Strategy

Simple face-to-face meetings, attending in-person industry events, socializing in your community to grow your business are (for the foreseeable future) a thing of the past. Everything has become virtual—literally overnight. In this environment, accountants must think of new and creative ways to conduct business, support their clients, and market their business for growth.

But all these crash-course changes in standard processes may, in fact, have a bright side. Accounting Professionals have been presented with a unique chance—possibly even a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—to embrace powerful growth tactics that may not have been on their radar before. But how do you even begin to adopt new tactics for growing your firm?

Instead of having to start from scratch—the 2Create360 marketing team has compiled 10 powerful strategies that you can implement today.

We realize budgets may be tight, so we’ve included some low-cost suggestions as well, but with all in-person events, trade shows, and industry-specific gatherings being canceled, your firm may be able to reapply the anticipated travel and lodging costs from those canceled events into other channels. Our strategies list compiles some ideas for this “extra capital” by directing it toward very effective inbound marketing strategies.

Let’s explore some quick-win ways that you can start marketing today!. Click below to recive our FREE guide.

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Calgary Accounting Firms Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Lawyers and Law Firms in Canada

Law Firms : Post Pandemic Digital Marketing

We believe that law firms have a unique opportunity during this post pandemic new normal, to lean into the current situation and make changes to their marketing practices that adhere to the new reality.

While socializing in person is definitely not happening, it doesn’t mean people aren’t communing … they’re doing so on-line. With more eyes on screens, law firms would be wise to increase their digital marketing efforts at this time.

Could your website use a refresh? Is your professional head shot a decade too old? Now is the time to make adjustments to your firm’s web presence and think about increasing your (digital) marketing budget. Are there ways to assert the firm’s executive team as thought leaders on the Internet? Do you have a coronavirus-centric destination on your website that your clients can visit?

Consider hiring 2Create360, an integrated digital marketing company to help solidify your digital brand and the story you are telling across the digital media landscape.

The 2Create360 marketing team has extensive knowledge and understanding of how to leverage digital marketing specifically to get new private clients for law firms. We have a value first approach when working with your firm. This involves us creating engaging and valuable content every step of the way for potential customers.

Explore some quick-win ways that you can start marketing today!. Click below to receive our FREE guide.

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Calgary Accounting Firms Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Lawyers and Law Firms in Canada

Salons & Spas : Post Covid Pandemic Marketing Strategy!

Beauty salons are a purely physical service, which may have caused a high majority of those in the business to suffer significant losses during the initial impact of the pandemic. Whether your salon business offers an array of services to treat hair or nails, or perhaps both, there has been a notable shift from solely brick and mortar to on-line platforms in the beauty industry.

As such, Social Media has become an even more incredibly useful marketing tool. Potential clients will either look at your website or more commonly, your Instagram. They use this as a way of finding out where you are based, what your work looks like and how much you will charge.

It is therefore crucial that you maintain your social channels and have as much information as possible available to potential clients. You must ensure that a clear brand message and personality comes through your on-line presence. This is often your first point of contact with existing and potential clients so it is crucial that you utilize this free marketing platform to its full potential.

Even with your beauty salon business clamoring for attention amongst many other competitors in your area, it’s not impossible to stand out from the crowd with a loyal clientele.

We can help. Download our digital marketing tips to help your business build clientele and attract more customers in this post pandemic new normal age

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Calgary Accounting Firms Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Realtors and RealEstate firms in Canada

Real Estate : From surviving to thriving

In the post-Covid-19 world, many real estate companies are having to focus on saving costs, and creative marketing, content production and advertising is one of the first things to be cut. This has created a void in the market, giving those forward-thinking businesses the opportunity to utilize this unique opportunity and increase their customer base. It also helps to ensure that they do not have to restart from ground zero when they resume their marketing requirements.

As demand decreases, this shift towards digital marketing can yield significant and effective results, and will only further highlight the difference between those who are prepared and those who are unprepared. As consumers move forward, they will be seeking businesses that are showcasing their strength and an outdated website or digital presence will be significantly off-putting.

The current situation is proving the need for agents to embrace alternative marketing methods and take their real estate lead generation strategy to the next level. To help out those who don’t know where to start we can help. We’ve put together the 11 ideas for digital marketing for real estate agents amid the COVID-19 pandemic and even after it finishes.

We can help Sign up for our Free Digital Marketing Guide to Post Pandemic economy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Calgary Realtors and RealEstate firms in Canada

Small Businesses : From surviving to thriving

The current Covid-19 global pandemic has taken everyone by storm, we are all feeling shocked and uneasy about what is going on in the world. We’re here to offer support to anyone who is struggling with their digital marketing at the moment. We understand that following government and health experts’ advice, many businesses have had to close up their physical locations, and are under a lot of pressure and anxiety following a steep downfall in revenue.

We’d like to explain to you why now it is more important than ever to keep up on-line visibility, and if you have the resources for outside expert help, like 2Create360, then that will of course be highly beneficial at this time.

If not, there are things you can work on yourself during this time that will still be of great help for your business in terms of branding and staying relevant.

The world is practicing social distancing, this means more digital media consumption than ever and in turn, digital marketing will be your main source of lead generation. Read on to find out how and why your business should be turning to digital platforms and digital marketing during the Covid 19 epidemic.

We can help.

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Calgary Small Business Marketing Strategy